Monday, April 21, 2014
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CNS Fellows are scientists, scholars and professionals, generally from other institutions who engage with, and contribute to, the Center through joint projects or educational programs.

Sheri Alpert, PhD, Associate Editor, Neuroethics

Michael Chorost, PhD, (bio), Award-winning author and thechnology theorist

Denise Clegg, MAPP, (bio), Deputy Executive Director, Garrison Institute

Glenna Crooks, PhD, (bio), President, Strategic Health Policy International

Jayatri Das, PhD, Chief Bioscientist, The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Seth Gillihan, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Haverford College.

Ruth Greenberg, JD,(bio), Adjunct Professor, Boston University School of Medicine

Zack Lynch, (bio), Executive Director, Neurotechnology Industry Organization

A. Thomas McLellan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Treatment Research Institute

Erik Parens, PhD, (bio), Senior Research Scholar at The Hastings Center


Sheryl Williams, Secretary, Board of Directors, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association


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